[PROJ] proj4.org -> proj.org migration

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Sat Jun 1 11:24:14 PDT 2019

Awesome news!  I wonder if this should be mentioned somewhere on the new 
site, on a history page (history can be lost and forgotten over time, or 
hidden in mailing list archives).

Cool news!


On 2019-05-30 11:12 AM, Howard Butler wrote:
> All,
> It's good to have friends in high places. Paul Ramsey was able to 
> encourage the owner of proj.org <http://proj.org> to donate the domain 
> to our cause. The domain has been transferred to the OSGeo registrar and 
> is currently in finalization at this time. Once that is complete (in the 
> next few days), we can begin our transition from proj4.org 
> <http://proj4.org> to proj.org <http://proj.org> if the PSC is 
> supportive of such a migration. I know I am!
> I propose that we keep another GH page up at https://proj4.org that 301s 
> -> https://proj.org for quite a while, and we adapt the CNAME of our 
> current proj-docs repo to proj.org <http://proj.org>.  Hopefully the 
> transition does not need to be any rougher than that. If we need an RFC 
> and vote to do this, someone chime in and we can do so, but I think the 
> sentiment is we've wanted proj.org <http://proj.org> all along and we 
> are very glad to get it.
> Thanks again to Paul Ramsey and the contributor of the domain (Paul can 
> name him if that is ok). We really appreciate it!
> Howard
> ___

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