[PROJ] [EXTERNAL] [gdal-dev] Static/Dynamic datum problems

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.com
Tue Jun 25 00:41:02 PDT 2019

Hello all

ISO 19111:2019 (Referencing by coordinates) already includes the
timestamp of coordinates. The standard defines a CoordinateMetadata
class with two properties:

  * crs: Identifier of the coordinate reference system to which a
    coordinate set is referenced.
  * coordinateEpoch: Epoch at which coordinate referenced to a dynamic
    CRS are valid.

ISO 19107 (the standard that defines geometry objects) has been revised.
I did not yet had a chance to look closely at it, but last time I
attended to the discussions at OGC my understanding was that the new
geometry objects would be associated to ISO 19111 CoordinateMetadata
class (and consequently include the coordinate epoch) instead than to
only the CRS.

Simple features are derived from ISO 19107 by the same author. I think I
have seen emails on OGC mailing list about drafts available, but did not
yet had a chance to look at them. At least, the current Simple Feature
editor is well aware of this coordinate epoch topic since he was present
at OGC meetings that debated about it. So I guess there is good chances
that coordinate epoch will be present in some way in simple features
(but did not verified).


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