[PROJ] PROJ 8.2.1

Kristian Evers kristianevers at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 07:54:27 PST 2022

On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce
the release of PROJ 8.2.1. The release includes updates to the
database and a number of bug fixes. See the detailed release
notes below. 

Download the archives here: 


Please note that from PROJ 9.0.0 and onwards (scheduled for release
March 1st 2022) CMake will be the only build system bundled with
the PROJ package. As a consequence support for Autotools builds
will stop when the 8.2 branch of PROJ reaches end of life.
We encourage everyone to adjust their build workflows as soon as
possible and report any discrepancies discovered between Autotools
and CMake builds. Details about the build system unification can be
found in PROJ RFC 7 [0].

I wish everyone in the PROJ community a very happy new year.


[0] https://proj.org/community/rfc/rfc-7.html


8.2.1 Release Notes


 o Database updated with EPSG v. 10.041 (#2974)

 Bug fixes

 o BoundCRS WKT import: fix setting of name (#2917)

 o PROJStringFormatter::toString(): avoid invalid iterator increment (#2932)

 o Ensure CApi test are cross-platform (#2934)

 o createOperations(): do not stop at the first operation in the PROJ namespace
   for vertical transformations (#2937)

 o createOperationsCompoundToCompound(): fix null pointer dereference when
   connection to proj.db doesn't exist. (#2938)

 o Fix windows.h conflict with Criterion::STRICT (#2950)

 o Cache result of proj_get_type() to help for performance of
   proj_factors() (#2967)

 o createOperations(): improvement for "NAD83(CSRS) + CGVD28 height" to
   "NAD83(CSRS) + CGVD2013(CGG2013) height" (#2977)

 o WKT1 import: correctly deal with missing rectified_grid_angle
   parameter (#2986)

 o Fix and additional options for Peirce Quincuncial projections (#2978)

 o Fix build with Intel C++ compiler (#2995)

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