[pycsw-devel] AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'get_config'

Junichi Nagai Nagai.Junichi at imslab.co.jp
Thu Jul 21 23:45:58 EDT 2011

Dear Tom Kralidis,

I'm Junichi Nagai.

Thank you for updating configuration parsing.
It works about creating the necessary tables and values for the repository.

But I got another problem.
(different from [pycsw-devel] About "GetRecords-filter-bbox Request")

I imported all *.xml records(pycsw samples) by using

I sent "GetRecords-all Request" to my pycsw
server(http://localhost/cgi-bin/pycsw/csw.py) at

I got collect response from my pycsw
server(http://localhost/cgi-bin/pycsw/csw.py) at

No problem.

I sent "GetRecords-Element Request" to my pycsw server.
I got collect response.

No problem.

I sent "GetRecords-filter-bbox Request" to my pycsw server.
I couldn't got collect response.

I got below error.
 <ows:Exception locator="constraint" exceptionCode="InvalidParameterValue">
    <ows:ExceptionText>Invalid query: (InternalError) plpython: function 
"query_spatial" failed
DETAIL:  &lt;type 'exceptions.ImportError'&gt;: No module named lxml
 "SELECT records.identifier AS records_identifier, records.typename AS 
records_typename, records.schema AS records_schema, records.bbox AS 
records_bbox, records.xml AS records_xml, records.source AS records_source, 
records.insert_date AS records_insert_date \nFROM records \nWHERE 
records.typename IN (%(typename_1)s) AND query_spatial(bbox,'POLYGON((-5.00 
47.00, -5.00 55.00, 20.00 55.00, 20.00 47.00, -5.00 47.00))','bbox','false') 
= 'true'" {'typename_1': 'csw:Record'}</ows:ExceptionText>

I have installed "lxml version 2.3".
It works for (1),(2).

I think that "FUNCTION_QUERY_SPATIAL" of database don't know where "lxml" 

Could you tell me what's wrong?

I use below.
  OS:Windows XP
  Python:Version 2.7
  lxml:version 2.3 

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