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Eva Jelínková evka.jelinkova at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 08:34:36 PDT 2015

Hello Tom,

thank you very much for your response. We are still at the stage of
research and testing.

We are going to store metadata XMLs in pycsw - it's great that user can
access it easily via QGIS. We've already tested harvesting to CKAN which we
plan to use as graphical user interface for browsing and searching.

Our workflow is going to be probably like this:

web form => MCF file => pygeometa => XML => pycsw => CKAN

Thanks for Flask recommendation!

I was thinking also about using CKAN as form for creating/editing records
but I found it difficult to get the edited record back to pycsw or create
XML straight from CKAN...

There is one thing in pycsw that I haven't got yet. Maybe you can help me.
I have some testing XMLs that I load to pycsw via pycsw-admin.py:

python /path/to/pycsw-admin.py -c load_records -f /path/to/pycsw.cfg -p
/path/to/xml -r

When I update some of that XMLs it is impossible to just reload it because
"Key (identifier)=(xy) already exists". So the easiest way for me (for now
- I have just a few records) is delete all records in DB and than load them
I think the right way would be to use transactions (update) instead of
deleting all the records all the time...
Unfortunately there is not so much information about transactions in
documentation (when I will be able to use transactions correctly I could
add there some notes for people who are novices as I am :D ).
For full update I added tags csw:Transaction and csw:Update to my metadata

<csw:Transaction ...>
<gmd:MD_Metadata ...>

and posted it by pycsw-admin.py:

python /path/to/pycsw-admin.py -c post_xml -x /path/to/xml/sample.xml -u

It worked :) but my question is - is there any possibility to do the full
update for whole directory full of XMLs (all with update tags)? According
to the information I found here [1], full update should be able to update
records in DB and also add new ones. I think that maybe we could create all
XML files as update XMLs and than every time we run post_xml we would have
all records updated. Would it be possible or am I on the completely wrong

Thanks for any advice,
Eva Jelinkova


2015-07-27 14:41 GMT+02:00 Tom Kralidis <tomkralidis at gmail.com>:

> On Sun, 26 Jul 2015, Eva Jelínková wrote:
>  Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 23:17:05 +0200
>> From: Eva Jelínková <evka.jelinkova at gmail.com>
>> To: pycsw-devel at lists.osgeo.org
>> Subject: [pycsw-devel] metadata editor
>> Hi all pycsw people,
>> we are trying to set a catalog service based on pycsw to store the
>> information about the data and services in our company. pycsw works well
> Great to hear this!  If you have endpoint(s), feel free to add them / have
> them added to our live deployments wiki page [1], which powers our live
> deployments map [2].
>  for us, it seems that the only problem is creation of metadata records...
>> I
>> have tried GIMED and EUOSME metadata editors but none is good enough for
>> our case. We need just an easy open source web form (ideally python
>> based).
>> It don't have to be valid for all requirements of the INSPIRE directive.
>> We
>> will probably develop one but if there is any similar project you know
>> about, just let me know, please. It would really help us.
> There are numerous web options out there embedded in applications like
> GeoNode and CKAN, however at the cost of all the associated machinery.
> Having said this, as part of another project I'm involved in, we recently
> released pygeometa [3] which supports creating ISO from a simple
> ConfigParser
> file/object.  You could implement a simple Flask [4] based front end to
> provide a form and saving logic, which would create a pygeometa
> metadata object and then serialize to a metadata file as desired.  Or, even
> better, publish directly to pycsw :)
> ..Tom
> [1] https://github.com/geopython/pycsw/wiki/Live-Deployments
> [2] http://pycsw.org/community/
> [3] https://github.com/geopython/pygeometa
> [4] http://flask.pocoo.org/
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