[Qgis-community-team] Draft paper discussing QGIS docs

Tim Sutton tim at kartoza.com
Wed Aug 28 23:24:25 PDT 2019

> and similar arguments. While I agree that we should keep on using our
> funds, and additional resources, as an incentive for documenters, I
> think this should be done with a clear plan in mind. If not done
> carefully, this move could discourage volunteers, not only in this area
> ("why should I volunteer, when another one is doing the same thing and
> is paid for this?"). Volunteer communities are hard to build, and easy
> to destroy. Replacing volunteers with employees can quickly become very
> expensive, and we should be sure we'll be able to raise enough money
> both in the short and in the long term to fully support the effort.

I have a different opinion on this. Based on our experience of paying developers I don’t think it has in any way reduced the volunteer contributions to the code base - on the contrary it  probably has incentivised those that we paid to donate lots more of their time. I am pretty sure that we will have similar experience in other areas of the project. I am more bullish on documentation and thank that we should work enthusiastically to get one or more dedicated, full time document writers in the QGIS project….over and over we here it is the most wanting part of the project. The biggest problem we have is that we need a better platform for authoring and managing the docs so that you dont first need a degree in rocket science before you can participate :-P

> I suggest working out a budget for this, to check how feasible this
> solution can be, before taking further steps.
> Another radically different solution would be to embrace the chaotic
> approach, and leave the user browsing the thousands of web resources to
> get help, and keep official documentation to an absolute bare minimum
> that we can effectively managed by the core team. I'm not a fan of this
> solution, but it what is currently happening.

Yeah me too as mentioned above.




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