[Qgis-community-team] What next for QGIS docs?

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Fri Aug 30 14:07:58 PDT 2019

Hi Piers, thanks for sharing your comments on: "What next for QGIS 

I'm CCing the QGIS docs list with your comments, so they are not lost 
when I action them, and so others can see your perspective from an 
organisation creating great external docs (and videos) about QGIS.

You will notice there has been providing quite a bit feedback this week, 
much of it in line with your suggestions. I suspect you will be 
interested in their thoughts: 

-- Piers' Feedback --

On 30/8/19 6:37 pm, Piers Higgs (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: untapped potential
 > Yep, but how to tap this potential is pretty hard. Unless you have a 
TARDIS, or a cloning machine?

On 30/8/19 6:37 pm, Piers Higgs (Google Docs) wrote:
 > My interactions with the main QGIS developers etc hasn't been very 
frequent, but it's been reasonable.

On 30/8/19 6:37 pm, Piers Higgs (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: bandwidth, drive and personality to drive this agenda
 > This pretty much says why I can't get into this. I don't have the 
bandwidth and much of my drive is taken up running the business. The 
personality - well, Cameron, you have spades of that ;)
 > I did find the whole thing really hard to actually understand what 
was needed and who was doing what. I guess being "outside the camp" for 
most of the QGIS stuff these days has made me realise how hard it is to 
find my way back in again.

On 30/8/19 6:37 pm, Piers Higgs (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: Capturing offers of assistance,
 > See other note below - this and the next point are the ones I think 
are things as a community we do pretty badly.

On 30/8/19 6:37 pm, Piers Higgs (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: QGIS training material which they publish as videos, a manual and 
data package

 > The thing I find strange is how many people are using our course now 
- there are people from all around the world now. Most of them aren't 
actually enviro's either - they are just people wanting any sort of 
resource to help them get into QGIS.

On 30/8/19 8:08 pm, Piers Higgs (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: I feel there is likely to be quite a bit of inertia required to 
ramp-up such a team, but I think it is worth investing in
 > Just riffing off my earlier comment - this "investment" is a little 
nebulous, but I agree with the sentiment.

On 30/8/19 8:08 pm, Piers Higgs (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: So what is wrong, and what needs to be fixed?
 > Just one final comment, Cameron; I like this call to action, but I 
don't quite readily see what is wrong and what needs to be fixed clearly 
in the rest of the document. Might be pressing too hard to actually use 
this sentence, as you do it in a pretty constructive way in the end of 
this document.

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