[Qgis-community-team] What next for QGIS docs?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 15:44:42 PDT 2019

Feedback from Andrew Jeffrey which I'm processing (and hence about to 
loose in raw form in the doc "What next for QGIS docs?" 


On 27/8/19 10:52 am, Andrew Jeffrey (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: [Jared] started reviewing QGIS docs and has been providing 
suggestions and feedback, but again, engagement hasn’t been sustained.
 > Jared's feedback has made it into the issues - 
 > I feel this review was started with the meetings you coordinated at 
the start of the GSOD process Cameron and then lost momentum because no 
one took the lead when you started to focus on other things. I did try 
by rally people for the OSGeolive quickstart ammendments but quickly 
lost interest in continually asking for input with no response.

On 27/8/19 11:04 am, Andrew Jeffrey (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: But while Andrew has had occasional help, it has appeared to be 
sporadic and unsustained, which doesn’t seem very motivating.
 > The help I have recieved from QGIS doc folks has been good and 
available when I ask for it. The support in terms of sharing 
contributions via participants in the GSOD has been sporadic, but I 
understand everyone has time constraints and other commitments. Also 
even before tech writers were assigned to projects I was asking the list 
for feedback on documentation and received nothing. So my enthusiasm for 
the GSOD has dropped off because I didn't feel like I was getting as 
much out as I was putting in.

On 27/8/19 1:33 pm, Andrew Jeffrey (Google Docs) wrote:
Re: giving to QGIS through docs
 > I haven't given a whole lot - but would like to do more. Things that 
stop me. Whats a priority? Docs, training material, screenshots?? It 
would be helpful if a more senior doc mentor was able to say this is the 
low hanging fruit that is a great way to get started.

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