[Qgis-developer] qgis 0.8pre2 on suse10.2

Mike Leahy mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Dec 20 10:05:21 EST 2006


There is a patch posted on the developer list: 

This will let you compile QGIS 0.8 prerelease 2 with GEOS-3.0.0rc3 (but 
not 2.x).  There's another patch for the SVN unstable branch that allows 
compiling against either of 3.x/2.x in a follow-up message: 

I wouldn't say that these are officially approved patches, but it'll 
probably do the trick for you.

The patches are renamed to *.bin files in the archive, but it's still 
plain text, so I think you should be able to use them.


Otto Dassau wrote:
> Hi, 
> thanks for the hint, the devel packages were in /usr/include/Qt, so
> export QTDIR=/usr works. 
> Now I have another problem. SuSe 10.2 unfortunately doesn't include GEOS, so I
> compiled and installed current GEOS-3.0.0rc3 and QGIS complains because it
> expects a GEOS 2.x.x Version.
> Where and what do I have to change to adapt the test? Or do I need to stick with
> GEOS 2.x.x?
>  thanks again
>   Otto
> On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 17:37:13 -0500
> Mike Leahy <mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
>> Hello Otto,
>> Look for an rpm called something like qt4-devel for your distribution - 
>> the devel packages are what usually install the header files.
>> Mike
>> Otto Dassau wrote:
>>> Hi, 
>>> I try to compile qgis pre2 on an opensuse 10.2 with qt4.2.1. QGIS doesn't
>>> find the header files like qglobal.h under /usr/lib/qt4/include. They don't
>>> exist and I don't know what further packages I need to install, because I
>>> thinkt I already installed all qt4 rpms that come with the distribution.
>>> Under download.qgis.org/qgis/ there is already a
>>> qgis-0.8.0_preview-1_no_grass.i586.rpm for suse 10. Was this package built
> using
>>> qt4 from suse or using compiled qt4 sources? 
>>> Maybe someone knows a trick how to build the preview2 under suse 10.
>>> thanks a lot
>>>  Otto
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