[Qgis-developer] about ogr provider

sebastian sauer scb at lo-res.org
Wed Aug 1 03:17:16 EDT 2007

Mon 30 Jul 2007 19:38, Marco Hugentobler wrote:
> The ogr provider is mostly used for reading shapefiles and GML. Afaik those 
> datasources have only one layer per file (which fits perfectly with the 
> approach in qgis). 
> Is it possible that oracle, mysql, postgresql in ogr have multiple layers per 
> datasource?
i dont know for oracle, mysql, postgresql but ogr supports that if the
fileformat allows it.. cf. e.g. the GRASS OGR driver..


(note however layered files are not that common in the standard use of

> If yes, then we should think about how to handle that in QGIS. 
> I'm in favour that the plugin asks the ogrprovider how many layers are 
> present
that sounds reasonable..

> and the plugin then creates one Vectorlayer for each ogr layer.
that's not such a good idea. before any layer is created QGIS the
user should have the possibility to select the layers s/he wants.

my cent,

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