[Qgis-developer] QGIS 0.9 on windows:QgsApplication.setPrefixPath() has an invalid type

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 13:09:35 EDT 2007

On 7/31/07, Jesse Ayers <jrayers at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> Here you go:
> >>> from qgis.core import *
> >>> str(QgsApplication.prefixPath())
> '<PyQt4.QtCore.QStringRef object at 0x00BA1DF8>'


you should get QString from QgsApplication.prefixPath() - so I'm quite
surprised what happens for you... I didn't have time so far to try
Tisham's build, but to make sure that the problem isn't in the build,
could you test whether this happens also with my (slightly older)
windows build?

Or maybe something went wrong in the latest (4.3) PyQt release...?


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