[Qgis-developer] QGIS 0.9 on windows:QgsApplication.setPrefixPath() has an invalid type

Aaron Racicot aaronr at z-pulley.com
Sun Aug 5 23:08:09 EDT 2007


Great news... I was just about to send out an email as well, as I was able
to get the latest what_nick build to work on my dev box with the old 4.2 set
of tools as well.  I was just verifying that it also worked on my clean box
after uninstalling all 4.3 related packages and reverting back to 4.2.

So out of this whole thing we have learned a few things:

1) We need to be very careful about how we document what versions of these
libraries the win binaries are built against so people can match them up in
their environment for custom development.

2) There are issues with the PyQt4.3/SIP4.7 combo with the tip build of
QGIS.  We need to track down what it is with the sip bindings that needs to
be changed to get these new packages to work.

Anyway, I am glad we have finally seen the light and got the combo that
works for you.  Oh, I guess there is one more lesson in all of this... it is
all much easier on Linux ;-)


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Success!  I went to a fresh XP machine, installed Python 2.5.1, PyQt4.2,
Tisham's latest 0.9.0 windows build and the basic main window tutorial
loaded.  There is obviously some PyQt version problem with that other
machine I was using earlier, but now I know what is needed.

Thanks all, now we can start testing here!


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