[Qgis-developer] extensions to postgis dialog

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Fri Dec 14 08:02:49 EST 2007


> This is a good idea. QSortFilterProxModel will certainly help me with
> filtering.
> Reading through the Qt documentation, the model/view concept seems to be a
> very flexible way of accessing and displaying data. In a way, the qgis vector
> data provider is also a model.

Yes - one of the things I wanted to raise for post 1.0 is implementing
providers as models...the only thing Im not sure of (maybe Martin has
some ideas here) is how it would work with a canvas 'view' which has
multiple models (layers) associated. Certailnly it would work well
with attribute table views. Anyway I'm trying not to get distracted by
post 1.0 ideas now :-)

> > I was going to suggest also that we create src/models and src/views
> > for any custom models and views we create.
> As models are always non-gui related and views are dialogs, would it make
> sense to have src/core/models and src/app/views?

Yes sorry I should have realised that - its a good suggestion you  make..

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