[Qgis-developer] vtable linker error

Steven Bell botsnlinux at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 13:31:49 EST 2007

I'm attempting to do some work to remove the rasterizing of the point
symbols, so they can be freely scaled in the print composer and elsewhere.
I've added a QgsSymbolRenderer base class, and a derived class,
QgsBasicSymbolRenderer.  The code is in the composer_redesign branch.

However, I keep getting linker errors, saying:
Linking CXX executable qgis
undefined reference to `vtable for QgsBasicSymbolRenderer'

>From what I've read, this error occurs when the derived class doesn't
implement certain virtual methods, but I don't see anything wrong with my
code.  Do I have to do something else to include the new classes as the code
is linked?  Have I just made a stupid mistake in my code?

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