[Qgis-developer] Merge of refactoring branch

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 12:02:24 EST 2007

On 1/7/07, Gary Sherman <sherman at mrcc.com> wrote:
> I guess I didn't catch that with the merge CMake will be required. We
> need to consider this change carefully as it has not been tested on
> the Mac and Windows platforms. Unfortunately QGIS is not a "Linux"
> program anymore. Small changes in the code/build system on Linux can
> severely break things on the other platforms.

Hi Gary,

probably you haven't read thoroughly my original post - I've mentioned
there that building on Windows works well. (I've been using Tim's MSYS
environment with success.)

> Our hope (well at least mine) was to get the next release out
> quickly. With the 0.7 and 0.8 series we have suffered delays due to
> major refactoring, projection support, and move to Qt 4. I hate to
> see the move to CMake force us to expend excessive energy on the
> build system to make it work on all flavors of Linux, *BSD, Mac, and
> Windows.

In my opinion changing the build system won't delay the release. After
fixing Mac issues I don't see any serious issues with it. The
difference from 0.7 and 0.8 delays is that it's already done (and
needs only fixes).

> Perhaps this is not the case. I know that the Windows build relies on
> qmake and is just now working. With the merge we could end up with
> three build systems to maintain. Support for Mac and Windows has to
> be considered upfront, rather than an afterthought as we have
> sometimes treated it in the past.

My idea from the beginning was to have only one build system: CMake.
Autotools is complicated (IMHO) and build with qmake has also problems
(no configuration, providers can't have signals/slots, need of some
file changes).


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