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Gary Sherman sherman at mrcc.com
Sun Jan 7 10:45:20 EST 2007

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On Jan 7, 2007, at 1:26 AM, Tom Elwertowski wrote:

> If CMake is required, I'd like to hear the experience of some other  
> developers using CMake and the Lib-refactoring branch. A new build  
> process should be tested by several people on several machines  
> before being rolled out.

I guess I didn't catch that with the merge CMake will be required. We  
need to consider this change carefully as it has not been tested on  
the Mac and Windows platforms. Unfortunately QGIS is not a "Linux"  
program anymore. Small changes in the code/build system on Linux can  
severely break things on the other platforms.

Our hope (well at least mine) was to get the next release out  
quickly. With the 0.7 and 0.8 series we have suffered delays due to  
major refactoring, projection support, and move to Qt 4. I hate to  
see the move to CMake force us to expend excessive energy on the  
build system to make it work on all flavors of Linux, *BSD, Mac, and  

Perhaps this is not the case. I know that the Windows build relies on  
qmake and is just now working. With the merge we could end up with  
three build systems to maintain. Support for Mac and Windows has to  
be considered upfront, rather than an afterthought as we have  
sometimes treated it in the past.

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