[Qgis-developer] Lib_Refactoring-branch merged

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Mon Jan 8 23:22:33 EST 2007

Martin Dobias wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce that after many months all the changes from
> refactoring branch were merged to SVN trunk (revision 6415).

Thank you for the reorganization and new features.

> As mentioned in previous thread, you should use new build system based
> on CMake. That means that first of all you need it on your system -
> version 2.4.3 or later is required. The only dependency of CMake is
> C++ compiler so you don't have to worry about its dependencies.
> (don't try to use 'configure' or 'autogen.sh' scripts - autotools
> support is currently broken)

As mentioned in other posts, the new CMake build systems requires 
additional work to run on a Mac.

Since CMake is new to me, I am going to attempt to fix the autotool 
files for Mac only. I may decide otherwise after trying but my current 
feeling is I can have a running Mac application in a day or two by using 
autotools whereas it will take at least two weeks to both learn CMake 
and sort through all the Mac issues.

If I have a running Mac application and can address CMake issues using 
about a quarter of my qgis time, I will probably make the transition 
over a month or two. From my perspective, autotools and CMake are 
somewhat equivalent. CMake seems easier to learn however I already know 
the autotools and the qgis autotool files contain a lot of Mac 
customization whereas I don't know CMake and the qgis CMake files don't 
contain the Mac customizations already in the old files.

Thus my preference is to learn CMake in parallel with other qgis work 
rather than hastily modifying CMake files, perhaps not even the right 
way, just to get QGIS/Mac building again.


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