[Qgis-developer] Mac CMake Status

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sun Jan 14 08:34:37 EST 2007

Hi Tom

Just a quick note to say thanks for your latest commits - double
clicking the app works now without needing to specify DYLIB path - and
also my gdal is picked up from the Williams frameworks now. Strangely
enough for gdal it still seems to be looking for headers in
/usr/local/include though. I'm taking my macbook in to the shop next
week to have its dead hard drive, heat damaged palmrest and probably
damaged heat sensors replaced  :-( and Im thinking that when I
reinstall the OS I will try to not put any hand built deps onto the
system and use only Williams frameworks.

Did you have a look at how easy / difficult it will be to copy the
frameworks into the bundle and run otool on the qgis libs using cmake?
It would be great if running make install did the whole kit & kaboodle
for us!




On 1/13/07, Tom Elwertowski <telwertowski at comcast.net> wrote:
> Tim Sutton wrote:
> > crashed when trying to run by clicking the bundle. Did you say the bundle is
> > not clickable yet?
> >
> > Library not loaded: libqgis_core.dylib
> >   Referenced from: /tmp/qgis.app/Contents/MacOS/qgis
> >   Reason: image not found
> It's not double clickable because the app, libraries and plugins can't
> find each other. The binaries do not contain path info. CMake is
> assuming that all libraries will be placed in a standard location.
> Some CMake settings controlling paths need to be changed. Until then,
> you can run from the command line if you define:
> export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tmp/qgis.app/Contents/MacOS/lib
> Tom
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