[Qgis-developer] Legend menus unification

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 08:41:27 EST 2007


I'd like to clean up legend popup menus a bit and unify them with
toolbar actions with the same meaning. In legend we make have "legend
layer" items and "legend layer file" items. One legend layer contains
one or more layer files (with the same symbology). These menus however
are quite different although they shouldn't be.

Handling various actions for a legend layer with only one legend layer
file is simple - all actions like open attribute table, toggle
editing, toggle in overview etc. can be run as usually. But when you
have more layer files in one legend layer, things become a bit
complicated. Displaying attribute table for more layers at once is not
supported, toggling editing and visibility in canvas or overview can
be ambiguous. I see these approaches for legend layer menus:
- disable ambiguous menu items in legend
- use tristate checkboxes for toggle actions

Also it would be good to decide whether to use checkboxes / toggle
toolbar buttons or start+stop buttons for these actions for layers:
- editing
- overview visibility
- canvas visibilty
Currently we use both toggle buttons and start+stop buttons and IMHO
this mixture is not very nice to users...

Please share your opinions.


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