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Poking back into the old grey matter, I cant remember if any commercial GIS
applications show areas as ha, though I vaguely recally arcview having a
plugin that did. My feeling is that if adding the ability to show units in
ha doesnt require a large amount of effort it would be a nice feature to
have since its a basic working unit used by many people in land management.



On 1/21/07, Magnus Homann <magnus at homann.se> wrote:
> ..there is a hectare (ha), which is 10 000 m2. Wikipedia says:
> "The hectare is commonly used in many countries, especially in domains
> concerned with land planning and management such as agriculture,
> forestry, and town planning where the use of square metres would be
> cumbersome and unnecessarily precise."
> It's strictly not a SI-unit, but it si exactly equal to a hm2, which is.
> I plan to stick it into the area calculations between m2 and km2.
> Anybody against?
> Magnus
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