[Qgis-developer] Between m2 and km2...

Magnus Homann magnus at homann.se
Fri Jan 26 12:40:49 EST 2007

Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> Poking back into the old grey matter, I cant remember if any commercial GIS
> applications show areas as ha, though I vaguely recally arcview having a
> plugin that did. My feeling is that if adding the ability to show units in
> ha doesnt require a large amount of effort it would be a nice feature to
> have since its a basic working unit used by many people in land management.

My thoughts exactly, escpecially as I'm interested in forestry. It's in 
trunk now, go ahead and test it if you like (when you get back).

Magnus Homann
magnus at homann.se
+46 702 399 558

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