[Qgis-developer] OSGeo Membership for QGIS

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sun Jan 28 15:58:52 EST 2007


I have been pondering this since OSGEO started, and am fairly
convinced its the right way to go. In addition to raising the profile
of QGIS, we will benifit by being able to make use of the OSGEO
hosting offerings which will hopefully reduce the rather large amount
of time we currently devote to project admin related activities.

My feeling is that initially we should not make use of and financial
infrastructure from OSGEO and just do things one step at a time:

1) get ourselves incubated (can anyone say cheep! ?)
2) start migrating our web site / svn etc to osgeo servers where it
makes sense to do so
3) start thinking about if / how / when we want to make use of the
financial related parts of the OSGEO offering.



On 1/26/07, Gary Sherman <sherman at mrcc.com> wrote:
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> Now that 0.8 is released, its time to consider OSGeo membership for
> QGIS. Some of you may recall we ran a poll a while back about this
> issue (see
> http://qgis.org/component/option,com_poll/task,results/id,12):
> The results were:
>    Yes                   81.4%
>    Maybe                11.5%
>    No             7.2%
> Its clear that most responders are in favor. Adding the Yes and Maybe
> votes yields ~93% non-negative response. Of course there is no way to
> know who voted or how many times.
> At present, there is no desktop GIS application like QGIS in the
> OSGeo collection. GRASS is already part of OSGeo thus joining OSGeo
> seems to be a natural step.
> OSGeo offers increased visibility, promotion at conferences, access
> to legal advice, hosting of downloads and other project services, and
> management of sponsorships. Promotion at major conferences includes
> brochures and booth presence.
> For information on the incubation process see: http://osgeo.org/
> incubator/process/process.html.
> This is your chance as a developer and/or user to comment on the
> issue of QGIS
> joining OSGeo.
> Please provide any comments or input you have to the list no later
> than February 1, 2007.
> Looking forward to your comments,
> - -gary
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