[Qgis-developer] Mac OS X build 0.8.1 avail + notes

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Sat Jun 23 13:19:54 EDT 2007

My MacBook is back (almost a new mac: they replaced screen, logic  
board, inverter, a couple case parts).  Some other problems on the  
PowerBook distracted me, so I decided to rebuild today on my MacBook  
for practice (the PB build worked fine).

I have a binary on my site now that you can link to the download page  
(linking the site page, not the dmg, would be best, so people can see  
and easily get to the framework and GRASS download requirements).

Summary of the package: Qgis 0.8.1, requires my frameworks, also  
GRASS 6.3 app for GRASS support, and Python 2.5 for MS Export, all  
other needed libraries bundled in the app, includes gpsbabel  
universal binary.

Some notes:

- One small problem with the msexport linking - it links libqgis_core  
from the source dir, not from the relative @executable_path/.....

- for the build instructions, after a little experimentation with the  
interactive cmake mode, I figured out how to easily get the new  
GRASS.app builds with the version numbers in the name (ie  

Applications/GRASS-6.3.app/Contents/Resources/include -D  
GRASS_PREFIX=/Applications/GRASS-6.3.app/Contents/Resources ..

- another fine tuning for the build instructions: I found that the  
default build type isn't quite a release build.  When I explicitly  
specified a release build, the binary sizes came out much smaller:


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