[Qgis-developer] Version 0.9.0 Preview 2 download locations

Leonardo Lami lami at faunalia.it
Wed Oct 10 09:38:08 EDT 2007

Hi Gary,
I'm testing the new preview and I found some bugs or defects.
Maybe do you know some of these but I prefered make a complete list.

At the start:
"Couldn't load QGIS bindings.
Python support will be disabled"

At the start:
GRASS missings

The Mapserver exoprt tool (msexport.exe) does not work.

When I select a digitilized polygon and when I try to add an island QGIS
say to me: "Selected feature is not a multipolygon". Is this function
available ony for PostGis tables?

The value of the rappresentative scale is not realistic. The values are
too small.
The SVG creator does not work
It is not possible to choose where the pdf is saved and the created pdf
seems to be damaged.
Bad rendering about points vector.

Trying to edit a a postgis-table, I changed a value in the table but when I click on 'Stop editing' QGIS

The PostgreSQL database returned: ERROR: syntax error at or near "="
LINE 1: UPDATE "public"."rm98_2007_lin" SET ='34455' WHERE "gid"=1
Durante la prova: UPDATE "public"."rm98_2007_lin" SET ='34455' WHERE

I think the problem is in the double quotes: "public"."rm98_2007_lin".

Thank you very much for your work

Gary Sherman ha scritto:
> The downloads for the current 0.9.0 preview are available at:
>    http://gisalaska.com/downloads.rhtml
> If you know of other packages that have been created for the preview  
> release, let me know and I'll add them to the page.
> -gary
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