[Qgis-developer] One more thing packaging before the release announcements go out

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sun Oct 21 16:30:31 EDT 2007

Hi Folks

So Ive been chatting to Markus Neteler (GRASS Guru :-) on irc and he
would like to coordinate with us a little before we make press
announcements for 0.9 release. In particular they are about to release
6.3rc1 of GRASS and he is hoping we could include at least GRASS
6.3rc1 in the windows and GRASS binaries that we give people. Markus
can give more details and is available to help if you have further
queries, but you you guys (Tisham and William) mind generating updated
packages to use the version suggested by Markus before we go ahead
with press releases?

I am also standing by for Otto to give the green flag with the
documentation - hes been doing some awesome work to give QGIS some top
notch documentation (including now also Garys great tutorial from teh
FOSS4G 2007 conference, and our new unified install guide document).

I expect to start sending out press announcements later this week
barring any further packaging issues.

Best regards

Tim Sutton
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