[Qgis-developer] Editing the geometry of a feature

Tait, Roger roger.tait at ntu.ac.uk
Mon Oct 22 09:15:35 EDT 2007


I have a QGis::WKBPoint based vector layer containing a single feature.

I want to change the position of the feature using a single click of a button embedded in the tool bar.

I have unsuccessfully tried to change the position using the following:

void QgisApp::trackWayPoint()




   QgsFeature *feature = pointLayer->getFirstFeature(true,false);

   QgsGeometry *geometry = feature->geometry();

   unsigned char *wkb = geometry->wkbBuffer();

   memcpy(&wkb[5], &newPosX, sizeof(double));

   memcpy(&wkb[5]+sizeof(double), &newPosY, sizeof(double));


The correct feature and geometry are referenced however for some reason the new position is lost before the feature is drawn to screen.

I have also tried commitAttributeChanges(const std::set<QString>& deleted, ... ,std::map<QString,QString> >& changed); without success.

Please tell me how I can change the position of a feature?

Thanks Roger

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