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godofredo contreras frdcn at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 23 11:38:36 EDT 2007


This change was to add the ability to create mysql, oracle and postgres vector layers
via ogr provider, the other changes were in the "add postgis layer dialog" that now 
support different kinds of connections in addition to postgres. The new classes in
core/dbutilities are used to separate connection management from the dialogs and
that will be used to update SPIT to work with  mysql, and oracle.

There are some plans to support layer creation, and Tim suggested to work a little
with QgsVectorWriter to support some kind of export functionality, but I think this will
be until second stage (once ogr spatial database layer creation and spit will be working ).  


Godofredo Contreras

> Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 23:57:39 +0200
> From: tutey at o2.pl
> To: frdcn at hotmail.com
> Subject: Re: [QGIS Commit] SVN [godofredo] r7284 -	branches/ogr-plugin-branch/src/app
> noreply at qgis.org wrote:
> > Author: godofredo Date: 2007-10-22 21:39:49 +0100 (Mon,
> > 22 Oct 2007) New Revision: 7284
> > 
> > Modified: branches/ogr-plugin-branch/src/app/qgisapp.cpp 
> > Log: addDatabaseLayer updated to support ogr layers and
> > menu entry description changed from "Add postgis layer"
> > to "Add Spatial Database Layer"
> Godofredo,
> I saw this and few related commits of yours today. Would you
> mind explaining what are they for? In my ignorance I hope
> they have something to do with enabling new Postgis layer
> creation, which would be great. I built from SVN head but
> didn't notice any new functionality around Postgis though.
> Maciek

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