[Qgis-developer] Link issues on mac

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Fri Apr 4 14:22:27 EDT 2008

I'm waiting to hear about msvc and mingw before submitting the patch.

To find GRASS, change the path on line 49 of FindGRASS.cmake to /Applications/GRASS-6.3.app/Contents/MacOS

If William can provide a list of paths for 6.2 and 6.3, I will update that file too. Whenever the path changes in the future, a request should be made to update FindGRASS.


John C. Tull wrote:
> Still could not get the patch to successfully apply, so I just went in 
> and made the changes by hand. I cleaned my build directory and ran a 
> basic 'cmake ..' without all of my usual flags. Everything was found 
> except grass, which was not a surprise. Great work! I think the code 
> changes should be applied.

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