R: [Qgis-developer] Quantum GIS 0.9.2 rev8324 Windows Installer [Test2]

Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Wed Apr 9 16:06:53 EDT 2008

Hi all,
about Windows Geometry key entries: it seems to me that they are no more
needed; QGIS automatically write new key entries about geometry in
HKCU\Software\Quantum GIS\qgis\UI
I'll remove them from next installer release


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Hi all,
here's an update of Quantum GIS 0.9.2 rev8324 Windows Installer.
First of all some few notes about changes:
1. completed Install registry key entries, as done in previous installers (+
the voice "InstallPath")
2. completed UnInstall registry key entries, as done in previous installers
3. added Windows Geometry key entries
4. added the install option for download and *install* also the Alaska
Sample Database
5. renamed the directory where the sample databases are saved: from "GIS
Database" to "Sample Data"
6. added the "Uninstall" shortcut, with its own icon
7. added the "Website" shortcut (URL), with its own icon
8. fixed Python bindings install bugs
here you can download the new installer:
d> &MessageID=bf824e99-2807-42a1-ae4e-2feb92c30d5d
this said, I would add some basic instructions for testings, *proposals* and
notes about my first tests:
INSTRUCTIONS for testing
1. first of all, uninstall the previous release
2. if you have Python and Qt already installed on your system, try to remove
their paths from PATH system variable and then test QGIS [it would be better
to uninstall them]
3. test QGIS also with the above paths put in PATH system variable [or
reinstall Python and Qt]
4. in this release I added a new GRASS Tool Box (GTB) module, r.category: it
repalces r.cats, that has been renamed (to r.category) in GRASS 6.3.0RC*;
please, make *massive* testings on it, in order to approve its porting to
TEST results and PROPOSALS
1. many descriptions in GTB modules are badly aligned; actually it's not a
bug, but just a minor thing; by the way, it would be good to have all of
them correctly aligned; I could make the job in few minutes and then port
the XML changes to SVN
2. GTB: v.out.dxf icon is missing
3. GTB: r.patch is missing; actually, since r.patch needs multiple rasters
as input, and XML modules cannot handle multiple values in input, it doesn't
matter if r.patch is missing; by the way, I think that it would be very
important to have it in the GTB; if someone could give me some information
about GTB XML programming, I could try to solve the problem
4. help doesn't work at all!
That's all.
Thank you for your collaboration,
Marco Pasetti
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