[Qgis-developer] Re: srs.db epsg's added

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Apr 13 10:46:16 EDT 2008

Richard Duivenvoorde pisze:

> here a new srs.db for commiting/testing:
> http://www.duif.net/srs.db
> I added the following EPSG's:
> 3328-3335
> 3120
> 3066
> in the db using http://sqliteadmin.orbmu2k.de/
> this tool also has the possibility to do a 'database cleanup'. But after
> doing that the srs.db shrunk from 3.3 Mb to 526 kb ??? Do people think
> that's ok?
> It's still working for me, but can other people please test (especially
> the new additions?

They look allright. Thanks a lot for doing this!

Another issue: how is QGIS going to deal with deprecated EPSG SRSs?

Eg. EPSG 2171 is deprecated (it has a huge error) and 3120 is it's 
correct version. I think deprecated SRSs should be at least called 
different in the database. And put them into a separate group maybe so 
they don't get in the way?

According to PROJ 4.6 [1] there 201 deprecated SRSs in the EPSG database 

[1] grep -c deprecated /usr/share/proj/epsg


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