[Qgis-developer] PostGIS connector produces high DB traffic

Düster Horst Horst.Duester at bd.so.ch
Mon Apr 21 06:57:29 EDT 2008

In some cases the PostGIS connector can produce high DB traffic. The
reason for this behaviour is the uncecked GUI option "Only look in
geometry_columns". In my case I do have a Postgres DB with tousands of
tables. The unchecked option leeds to high DB traffic due to the scan
through all DB tables to detect tables with geometry which are not
registered in geometry_columns. When the PostGIS connection GUI is
opened twice, twice DB traffic will be generated and so on. I a
multiuser environment with high DB usage the DB will be down in a short

A solution could be to turn the meaning of the option from "Only look in
geometry_columns" into "Scan for all tables with geometry column"
combined with a message that this option can create high DB traffic, be
careful. "Scan for all tables .. " should be set off as default.

What do you think about this idea?



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