[Qgis-developer] FindByAttribute Plug-In v0.2

Anita Graser anitagraser at gmx.at
Wed Apr 23 07:07:22 EDT 2008


Since Maurício published his FindByAttribute Plug-In in February, I found that working without it is pretty annoying. Especially searching layers with a lot of features can be really time consuming if you have to wait for the AttributeTable to load. 
... But I guess you know that.

Version 0.2 has the following features:
* 5 relational operators: =,<,>,<=,>=
* = operator works like "=" not "LIKE"
* Messagebox telling how many features were found

* Icon is diplayed in toolbar
* Attribute list without duplicate entries 

The Plug-In is available via the Official QGIS repository. 

If you find any bugs (sure you will), let me know of them.

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