[Qgis-developer] RFC vector data providers handling

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Wed Apr 30 04:09:13 EDT 2008

Hi Marco,

On Wed, 30. Apr 2008 at 09:02:20 +0200, Marco Hugentobler wrote:
> One thing that in my opinion is important to consider is to keep GUI and 
> references to dialogs out of the provider classes.
> A possibility might be to have a specific dialog class for each provider that 
> is able to create a provider from GUI input. Like this the dialog knows about 
> the provider, but not the other way round.

> Am Dienstag 22 April 2008 19:37:09 schrieb Jürgen E. Fischer:
> > QGISEXTERN bool editConnection(QString connection);
> > // would be tied to the add/edit button and add/edit a selected
> > // connection in the combobox and open a provider specific dialog box.
> > // That gui could optionally include and "Add Layer..." button to create
> > // a new layer (ie. QgsGeomTypeDialog for OGR, but not tied to just
> > // shapes).

editConnection() would be in the provider plugin, but not necessarily in
the provider class.

The app/ classes wouldn't need to know about individual providers, just
about the provider registry.  That way we could also add new providers
including the necessary gui to create them without even touching app/ at

> I'm trying to have a closer look at Juergens patch in the next days and 
> possibly will then have a more complete understanding of the proposed 
> changes.

That patch isn't what I proposed.  It's just what made me think.


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