[Qgis-developer] BUG: annoying popup on postgis connection (unstable)

strk strk at keybit.net
Thu Dec 11 10:38:16 EST 2008

qgis_unstable branch: when adding postgis layer,
I always get a popup saying: "No accessible tables found".

Despite the message, tables *are* found (are shown in the window
for selection, is detected the contained geometry type and found
all attributes).

On 'Add', a second popup complains about a missing unique
index, which is fine.

When adding the missing unique index, everything works, no
popup on 'Add', but still the initial "No accessible tables found"
popup on connect is shown.

No, no record in geometry_columns. But that annoying popup doesn't
mention 'geometry_columns' at all, which would be nice if that's
the problem.

Beside, display of the table records work fine, so I wonder
what justifies the initial scary popup.


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