[Qgis-developer] plugins installer

lami at faunalia.it lami at faunalia.it
Tue Jan 8 06:06:41 EST 2008

>   I submitted a trac bug report for what is probably the same issue.
>   When the python code tries to unzip the files from the zip, it fails
> if the top-level folder isn't an item in the zip. At least on Windows
> anyway.
>   See the trac bug for details. The fix is to check the paths for '/'
> and create directories that way. Not yet implemented...
> Barry

I have the same problem in Windows also for Copyrigth plugin.

But I see an other problem about Python plugins in Windows.

If I load a plugin (for example "ghydraulic") from "Python plugin
manager", the plugin directory is saved in C:\Documents and
If then I open th Plugin Manager, QGIS say:
Couldn't load plugin "ghydraulic"

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "", line 3, in
ImportError: No module named ghydraulic

and yhe plugin is not present in the plugin manager list.

If I copy or shift the ghydraulic plugin directory from C:\Documents and
Settings\leo\.qgis\python\plugins to
all work rigth.

PS: Martin, this also for ARPAT plugin!


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