[Qgis-developer] Symbol rendering

Steven Bell botsnlinux at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 09:50:22 EST 2008

I thought I had sent this out earlier, but realized I hadn't...
I've committed my symbol rendering code changes into the composer_redesign
branch.  The major change is that point symbols are no longer drawn as
pixmaps on the canvas (which I think has been done in the renderer branch,
although probably in a different way).  This also happens to fix the
clipping issues.  I've added a new type of symbol size: "map units".  I have
not added paper units or map scale units yet, but those are basically
constant-scaled variations on the current two.
The new system only works with the point symbols and the single symbol
renderer.  It has quite a ways to go, but I figured I would get others'
thoughts and input sooner rather than later.  Let me know if I'm heading in
the right direction and if/when I should merge with the renderer branch.
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