[Qgis-developer] Render speed

Magnus Homann magnus at homann.se
Wed Jan 9 17:54:24 EST 2008

I did a VERY unscientific test, rendering a 200 x 200 and a 300 x 300
points shape file in trunk, renderer branch and composer_redesign
branch. The points were autogenerated from a C-program to a delimited
text file and then saved as shape file. All branches were compiled with
debugging off.

Using circles with size around 20, in renderer branch larger.


branch          layer    sec
trunk           200x200      4
trunk           300x300      8
render          200x200      7
render          300x300      13
composer        200x200      16
composer        300x300      32

The delimited text files (gzipped) for those interested are stored at 
links below. It would be good if anyone could confirm the discrepancies.



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