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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Thu Jan 10 19:14:49 EST 2008

Hi Marco and others

Marco really great work on the digitising updates - its a huge
improvement! I have some suggestions to offer:

 - I would like to revise the digitising icons - they are not all
consistent and in retrospect that blue background I put behind icons
reduces contrast and makes it hard to visually separate one from the
other. I've made a quick mockup in the GIMP (attached). If folks are
happy with those as concept Ill do them more neatly (in particularly
anti-aliased) as svgs and then export to pngs. Any objections?

- The slow point for me in digitising now is atrribute data capture.
In particular working with keyboard or mouse involves extra clicks to
move between fiellds - when you capture a lot of data these all add up
to a chunk of time lost. I propose as a short term fix to make the
field names row headings rather than cell values to eliminate needing
to tab through field headings when jumping from cell to cell. In the
longer term I would like to change the ui to dynamically generate a
form with suitable widgets based on the data type being entered. Ill
come back to that in a future release though.

- the vertex marker cross hairs  are in my opinion too long and take
on the pen style of the layer which can look a bit strange at times.
As a short term fix I would like to suggest shortening the length of
the marker arms and use a standard red, 2px pen for rendering them. In
the longer term it might be nice to use little circles.

- we should aim to use a single icon for capturing point line or
polygon with its image being changed in accordance to the context of
the layer type being edited.

Once again, Its really nice work you have done, and the above comments
are just 'icing' rather than any major issue.



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