[Qgis-developer] Qgis crashes attempting to load existing project files (r7992)

Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es
Fri Jan 18 10:53:42 EST 2008

Magnus Homann escribió:
> Carlos Dávila wrote:
>> Magnus Homann escribió:
>>> Carlos Dávila wrote:
>>>> Carlos Dávila escribió:
>>>>> I have just built qgis from trunk (r7992) and now it crashes if I 
>>>>> try to open projects saved with 0.9.1, yesterday's trunk and 
>>>>> already installed. No problem creating and saving new projects, 
>>>>> but cannot open them.
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Carlos
>>>> I installed r7994 and problem persisted, but after rebooting it 
>>>> works OK. I have no idea where the problem came from.
>>>> Carlos
>>> Did you get an message box warning from opening project files from 
>>> older revision of QGIS? 
>> No, I had disabled that option.
> Too bad, because the revision information given there is valuable when 
> reporting bugs in reading old project files. That's why I in the 
> warning dialog said you should report that information. It also gave a 
> link on where to report problems, and what should be included.
> It makes it much easier fixing these kind of problems.
> I suggest you turn it on, at least when there is problems.
OK, I turned it on. But note some of the projects giving problems were 
saved with trunk version, only a few revisions older.

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