[Qgis-developer] please help me write a QGIS-PostGIS GUI in Python

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Thu Jan 31 15:31:06 EST 2008

Barry Rowlingson pisze:
> tutey wrote:

>> 0. Reproduce, in Python, the interface that "Add PostGIS Table(s)"
>> provides (qgsdbsourceselectbase.ui).
>> I've been unable to, so far. Is there anyone willing to do it? Even a
>> part of it would be great - the connection selector, working
>> "Connect" and "Edit" buttons. If I had these, I would figure out how
>> to proceed with the rest of the interface and more, including:

>  Just clarify to us that you aren't trying to redo this from scratch?

Ehm... yes I was. But I guess your hints will save this extra work.

>  Hope this helps.

I hope so too :). Thanks much, Barry!


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