[Qgis-developer] Re: [Qgis-user] Hackfest 2008

Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Sun Jun 1 12:36:13 EDT 2008

Hi all,

unfortunately June it's a messy month for me. I have my last 2 exams and I 
really *must* finish the thesis until the end of August.
This said, my partecipation to the hack fest will depend on:

1. my anxiety condition for the exams :-)
2. where will it be
3. how many days will it last (I suppose only the week-end, right?)

I never joined the hack fest, so I don't know anything about its *timings* 


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> Hi All (and apologies for cross posting)
> I send out an email a few days ago regarding release plans for 1.0  which 
> included some hackfest related info which probably got buried,  so Im 
> sending this again with a more specific topic.
> Basically I would like to know if we can organise the hackfest within  the 
> month of June 2008. I am starting a new job in July and probably  wont be 
> available from 1 July on. I see on the hackfest page that  Marco should be 
> available. What about others? So far potential  attendees that I know of 
> are:
> - Tim
> - Marco
> - Otto
> - Anne Ghisla
> - Paolo
> I think even if we can just have a small meeting with those listed  above 
> we could make some good headway (but having more helpers would  be great). 
> I can be available for a week - even two weeks - and we  could have it 
> flexible that attendees just attend for the days they  are available over 
> that period. What do others think? Can we get the  ball rolling? Who else 
> can attend? Remember you don't need to be a  programmer - those from the 
> community-team and release-team are most  welcome to attend as is anyone 
> from the user community who is able to  come along and spend a few days 
> replicating, closing, updating bugs etc.
> Looking forward to seeing this happen!
> Regards
> Tim Sutton
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