[Qgis-developer] Release plans for QGIS 0.11.0 and on to 1.0

Marco Hugentobler marco.hugentobler at karto.baug.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 2 06:23:14 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

I agree with you that redesign is very important. There are several areas in 
QGIS where it will be hard to add new features without doing sound redesigns 
(that break API compatibility), e.g. geometry and renderers.

I'm also in favor of keeping API compatibility for version1 and to break it 
for version 2. One possibility would be to have a redesign branch that will 
later be 2.0 and branching this branch for the individual refactoring 
projects. Though it may be difficult at some point to keep trunk and redesign 
branch in sync. Maybe there are better ideas around? I only know that even 
for big companies it is not easy to maintain a productive version and a 
redesign version in parallel.


Am Mittwoch 28 Mai 2008 15:24:27 schrieb Martin Dobias:
> Hi Tim
> On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 5:23 PM, Tim Sutton <tim at linfiniti.com> wrote:
> > It would be great to get a heads up on what others are working on so we
> > can start planning for press releases etc. Going by June 30 as a target
> > release date, I proposed the following dates for the release:
> >
> > June  9 - Feature freeze - bug fixing only from here on forward
> > June 16 - String freeze and call for translations
> > June 23 - Branch for release & call for packaging
> > June 30 - Unleash Metis on the world...
> >
> > Does that work ok for everyone?
> Looks fine for me. My further plans are to add dependency checking for
> python plugins (if I'll be able to get it ready on time)
> > I suggest Jef put his code formatting stuff through just before we do
> > branch for release so that there is no active work going on in trunk -
> > though this may impact people working out in branches so is it maybe
> > better to wait for just before 1.0 before Jef puts the formatting updates
> > in?
> Better to wait and apply it before 1.0.
> > Following the above plan, we will have another 1.5 months until August 15
> > - the planned release date for QGIS 1.0. So ideally 0.11.0 is the last
> > chance to get those last minute features in, and with the exception of
> > labelling, composer and raster catalogues, no new features should be
> > going into trunk post 0.11.0 release.
> Btw. any news from the GSoC student regarding the map labeling
> implementation?
> > I'm anticipating a 1.0.1 release if possible in time for FOSS4G2008 (late
> > Sept) which will be purely bug fixing for anything we missed in 1.0
> > release.
> What about further roadmap? Schedule of 1.x versions? Are we going to
> maintain stable ABI? API? Some plans for 2.0?
> The problem I see often is that we just know where we are but we're
> missing some direction and vision... There are always just very
> short-time release plans. I have in my mind some greater changes
> (geometry refactor, plugins/providers enhancements, vector handling
> enhancements) but I don't get idea when to do them.
> > We also need to finalise our Hack fest - can we set a final date etc over
> > the next week Paolo? Its looking like mid-late June is going to work best
> > for me  since I will be starting a new job in July. I see on the hackfest
> > page that June is good for some other folks too. Could we firm up a date
> > for this?
> I'm sorry but it looks like I won't be able to participate - June is
> full of exams and visitors and then moving back to Slovakia, from
> mid-July I'm on holidays in India until mid-September. I could
> participate during the autumn...
> Cheers
> Martin
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