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Tue Jun 10 04:18:47 EDT 2008

Unfortunately I'm not able to load the new plugininstaller :-(( QGIS
crashes when I load the Installer mmmmm..... The reason is minidom. I
don't know why but my system doesn't like minidom in conjunction with
PyQgis Plugins. Python apps are working fine with minidom but plugins
don't. I think the best solution should be to use QtXML. This works fine
for me and there is no need of third party software to realise XML

My System:
redhat EL4
python 2.5.2
Qgis 0.10.0

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Ok, The Installer improvements are finished. It may still need some
fixes and facelifting, but all planned features are implemented. 

It checks for the updates and also for the news (a first time seen
either when QGIS starts or when user opens the Installer window. By
our all four repositories are switched to not fetch on startup, but it's

configureable. If there is any update/news, a clickable label appears in

Unfortunately, finally it doesn't use the QThread (yet), so fetching all
four repositories delays the QGIS start for about 2 seconds in my case.
is the reason for what I haven't decided to enable it by default.

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