[Qgis-developer] ECW support again

Paolo L. Scala scala at itc.cnr.it
Tue Jun 10 10:15:16 EDT 2008

Hello everyone,
I posted this on the QGIS forum too, but I didn't get any reply, so I 
try here :)

I managed to compile GDAL with ECW support using Microsoft Visual Studio 
2005 express, but how can I build QGIS with the new dll?
I reconfigured the build using cmakesetup, specifying the new dll and 
includes paths, but the compilation exits with errors about functions 
that couldn't be found.
I tried to compile gdal with MinGW, but it seem it doesnt recognize MS 
SDK's includes and libraries, even thought I specified them in the 
LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS environment variables.
Can someone give me some hint?
Thanks a lot,

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