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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Mon Jun 16 02:19:22 EDT 2008


Ok let me recap quickly:

 - We aim for bi-monthly releases.
 - Code currently in trunk will become QGIS 0.11.0 at the end of this
month (first week of July actually)
 - After QGIS 0.11.0 is branched off SVN, the code in trunk will
become QGIS 1.0
 - QGIS 1.0 is is planned to be released mid August.
 - We are implementing a GUI freeze as of today (as part of QGIS
0.11.0 release process) and extending up to QGIS 1.0 so that
documentation team have ~2 months lead time to get the documentation
ready before QGIS 1.0,
 - the release cycle for QGIS 1.0  (running over July to mid Aug) will
be focused on polishing source code and bug fixing.

There are 3 exceptions to the freeze as relates to the user interface:
   1) composer is being rewritten by Marco and is not ready for 0.11.0 yet
   2) the labelling functionality is being rewritten - it was
originally a GSOC project but the student pulled out and I believe
Martin is picking up the task.
   3) If bug fixes neccessitate small UI changes we will allow it. For
example there may be a spelling mistake or similar. In these cases we
will notify the community team of the change (its the responsibility
of the committer to do this) so that if needed you can update that
particular dialog's screenshot in the docs.

Following 1.0 release we will aim to do a 1.0.1 bug fix release for
around the 20th of September to coincide with FOSS4G2008.

The 1.x releases will be API compatible and the plan is for 1.x
releases to be bug fix releases only, new development after 1.0 will
focus on the QGIS 2.0 code base which I estimate will follow QGIS 1.0
1 to 2 years later (we need to determine timelines and feature spec

I'm going to post this response to the blog too in order to hopefully
make things a little clearer for the general populice out there.

Best regards


2008/6/16 Tara Athan <tara_athan at alt2is.com>:
> Tim- I'm a little confused. What is happening with release 1.0?  Has these
> been renamed as 0.11?
> How does this affect our manual revision? We have the major rewriting on
> hold in anticipation of a GUI freeze.
> Tara
> Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Due to the server outage, I needed a little more time to implement the
> global proxy support in QGIS before we could feature freeze for
> 0.11.0. Our original programme looked like this:
> June  9 - Feature freeze - bug fixing only from here on forward
> June 16 - String freeze and call for translations
> June 23 - Branch for release & call for packaging
> June 30 - Unleash Metis on the world...
> I'd like to update it to look like this:
> June  15 - Feature freeze - bug fixing only from here on forward
> June 23 - String freeze and call for translations
> June 30 - Branch for release & call for packaging
> July 5 - Unleash Metis on the world...
> Consequently the above will put us now into feature freeze so no new
> features should go into QGIS for 0.11.0. One exception will be
> symbology fixes by Marco which may require some deeper application
> changes.
> If the release team could be so kind as to start preparing a super
> duper visual changelog that would be great.
> Tara & community team it should be safe to use what is in trunk now as
> the basis for screenshots, with the previously noted exceptions of
> Composer dialog and Labelling options on vector properties dialog. We
> will try our very best to avoid changing other parts of the user
> interface, and where it is unavoidable, keep you informed so that you
> can update docs (but we will really try to leave the ui alone).
> If the schedule above is causing problems for anyone please let me know.
> Many thanks as always!
> Regards,
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