[Qgis-developer] QGIS 0.11.0 feature freeze

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Mon Jun 16 12:08:36 EDT 2008

Hi Tom

I sent out a message on 26 May (see "Release plans for QGIS 0.11.0 and
on to 1.0") in which I mentioned my intention to revise the uis and
then freeze them with the exception of the labelling and composer. I
believe there were other messages in a similar vein but I havent done
a detailed search. Perhaps I did not draw enough attention to this for
which I aplogise.

With the release of QGIS 1.0 targetted for mid August, the time from
release of 0.11.0 for 1.0 will be just over a month. We were hoping to
make the GUI frozen from after 0.11.0 so that  the documentation team
can have a fair chance to get their work done without working against
a moving target. The alternative option is to ask them to wait until
mid august before updating screenies etc. and plan to release the
documentation at some point after that (ideally in time for FOSS4G).

I did quite a bit of overhauling of the UI's over the past month,
replacing buttons with QDialogButtonBox etc and generally cleaning up
the layouts of dialogs. Perhaps a good way forward would be to
enumerate which dialogs that you feel still need revision and ask the
docs team to hold off their work until they are revised.

With QGIS 1.0 being so soon in the future we are going to have to get
to the point where we say 'what we have will have to do', or seriously
reconsider whether it is possible to release 1.0 in August. I know
Gary feels particularly strongly that we should 'get it out' in time
for FOSS4G and I suspect plugin writers etc would like to see the API
frozen sooner rather than later.

Yet another alternative I guess is to skip 0.11.0 release and extend
the open season until say end of July.

Anyway, I look forward to suggestions from you and the community as to
how you would like to proceed with the release schedule

Best regards


2008/6/16 Tom Elwertowski <telwertowski at comcast.net>:
> Tim Sutton wrote:
>>  - We are implementing a GUI freeze as of today (as part of QGIS
>> 0.11.0 release process) and extending up to QGIS 1.0 so that
>> documentation team have ~2 months lead time to get the documentation
>> ready before QGIS 1.0,
> This is the first I have heard of a GUI freeze extending up to QGIS 1.0. I
> am STRONGLY opposed to this. I do not think the GUI is ready for release and
> was expecting the final release cycle leading up to 1.0 to be a time to
> improve the interface without worrying about new features.
> Major announcements such as this should be made at the beginning of a cycle
> so that anyone with issues has some time to do something. Since there was no
> prior notice, I would like to see a GUI review during the time leading up to
> 0.11.0 with changes resulting from this review to be added during the first
> two weeks after 0.11.0.
> Tom

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