[Qgis-developer] Overview image to raster

Paolo L. Scala scala at itc.cnr.it
Mon Jun 23 04:52:36 EDT 2008

Martin Dobias ha scritto:
> Hi Paolo,
> raster image storing overview is indeed located in
> QgsMapOverviewCanvas class, member mPixmap. But it's protected and
> there's no getter function to obtain it. Other issue is how to access
> QgsMapOverviewCanvas - it's not possible get pointer to it from
> QgsMapCanvas. In case of enough interest, these geter functions could
> be added.
> But can you explain me your use case of overview pixmap?
> Martin
Hi Martin,
I'm developing a plugin to convert a QGIS project into a pMapper (a 
MapServer php framework) one, on the base of Gary Sherman's mapserver 
export plugin.
What I wanted to do is to automatically generate also the reference 
image of the map; anyway I solved the problem in a different way, using 
this example:


So I converted the map canvas into a png and resized it.
While I'm here, I'd like to ask to you if some of the tickets I added to 
the QGIS trac (#1060-#1069 except #1068 and #1064, #1077, #1078) could 
have any chance to be implemented;
I think #1066, #1069 and #1077 in particular coul be useful to many 
people that use QGIS.

Thanks for the support,

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