[Qgis-developer] question to possible enhancements

Möri Cedric Cedric.Moeri at bd.so.ch
Tue Nov 4 11:35:39 EST 2008

Hello everybody

I've got two little points for enhancement. I'd like to know, if these
are already considered or if I may open an enhancement ticket about

First: I'd like to have a possibility to move a vertex numerical to a
coordinate. Something like a dialog showing the coordinates of the
vertex and let me change them.
2nd: It would be great to have something to add a new attribute column
(at least for shapefiles) inside qgis (I guess these is quite complex
for all possible formats).

What do you think? Or are these points already discussed?


mit freundlichen Grüssen

Cédric Möri


Kanton Solothurn
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