[Qgis-developer] question to possible enhancements

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Nov 4 17:27:04 EST 2008

1. I agree - sounds like an easy tool, not sure if it's in the works as 
I don't see it in the Trac.

2. Yes it has been discussed quite in detail, the idea at this point is 
to implement it in GDAL which Frank plans to do soon, if I read the 
chatter right. Once in GDAL it will become available for QGIS to use.

In the future you can also check the Trac site for things like this.
That way when you ask here and get a no, you will know to add it to the 
trac site.


Möri Cedric wrote:
> Hello everybody
> I've got two little points for enhancement. I'd like to know, if these
> are already considered or if I may open an enhancement ticket about
> them.
> First: I'd like to have a possibility to move a vertex numerical to a
> coordinate. Something like a dialog showing the coordinates of the
> vertex and let me change them.
> 2nd: It would be great to have something to add a new attribute column
> (at least for shapefiles) inside qgis (I guess these is quite complex
> for all possible formats).
> What do you think? Or are these points already discussed?
> regards
> Cedric
> mit freundlichen Grüssen
> Cédric Möri
> GIS-Informatiker

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