[Qgis-developer] UIC Invalid Property Warnings

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Sat Nov 8 22:44:38 EST 2008

Hello all,

When compiling QGIS, there are about twenty 'invalid property' UIC 
warnings which I would like to eliminate for QGIS 1.0. There are two 
reasons for these warnings.

1. After QGIS 0.11, icons for plugins were renamed and standardized. A 
side-effect of this cleanup was that the artwork formerly on the left 
side of many plugins were deleted. The UI files now generate warnings 
for these missing files.

I propose restoring these files using the name <plugin>_watermark.png. 
QWizard calls such artwork 'watermarks.' Although plugins aren't 
wizards, the plugins use these images in the same way as QWizard so 
using the same name makes sense.

Making this change may affect documentation. If plugin screenshots were 
made for 0.11 or earlier, the images were present and nothing needs to 
be done. If screenshots were made after 0.11, they need to be redone 
because the images are missing.

2. At some point in the past, a QGIS icon was placed in the title bar of 
   dialogs. I checked as far back as 0.7 and couldn't find a file with 
the specified filename so the Q-arrow icon was renamed many years ago.

Currently, the icon is often added automatically -- probably when the 
dialog is a child of the main window. The Mac currently has the icon in 
most dialogs but X11 has it in fewer places.

I propose we remove the icon specification from all UI dialogs. This 
eliminates the warning for 1.0 but doesn't change the UI since the 
property has been invalid and ignored since 0.7. After 1.0, we can fix 
the parent property of all dialogs so that the icon is automatically 
added more consistently.



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